European project management


The course on European Programs is based on the surveys obtained as a result of the Co-created Research on the public employees of the European Municipalities. Public administrations, always intent on finding opportunities and resources for the development and improvement of the territory and its citizens, are strongly motivated to look for sources in the European context to increase and implement the possibilities in the social, environmental, health and entrepreneurial fields.

Providing public administration officials with targeted knowledge and familiarization with the management of European funds is a way to provide public bodies with additional planning capabilities. After all, the planning skills and the same European project design constantly require the integration of mixed public-private systems and the public administration can be protagonist of project initiatives calibrated on the real needs of the citizen.

This course is based on the dissemination of European project  information, processes and tools, through a didactic and operational approach. The result is an overview divided into the following macro-areas:

  • Principles and bases of European programming
  • European information: sources and retrieval
  • Project design techniques and tools
  • Main European Programs

The course is structured in 6 modules

  1. Europe and programs: explaining it by numbers
  2. A formal approach to start: reasoning in a “European way”
  3. The Project Cycle Management
  4. Agencies and Programs
  5. Creative Europe Program
  6. Indirect management programs and Structural Funds

At the end of each module and to access the next it is necessary to respond to a short verification test.

  • FREE
  • 15 years, 2 months
  • Course Certificate

The project is realized with the contribution of the European program Erasmus+

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